no-frills airlanes

1 Jul

the n o frills airlanes is a service that dont give any service to the people in the plane but is less expensive so its more accesible for the people


the no frills airlane are a low price service cause its a small plane but if you get first you can get the seat that you decide cause its no numbered de best thing is that is more accesible to people.


the no frills service does not give you food or any confort in your flight also its a bad cuality plane and smaller is unconfortable also you have the posibility of losing your luggage you need to wait a very long queues and you cant book your travel agent.

3-Frills airlanes advantages & disadvantages

the frills service give you a good service (food,tv,etc…) the seats are numbered ,its a good cuality plane you cant lose your luggage cause they keep it in “lost luggage”. the bad is that you have to pay more than the no frills service


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